Restore Deleted Photos

Images are the easy and effective way of expressing. It is still but can give you lot of dynamic information. Images can be captured using cameras, camcorders, mobile phones, laptops, etc. electronic devices. These devices use memory cards, flash drives and hard drives store the captured images. You should be careful while handling these devices as you may end up deleting your photos in it. How much ever you are attentive, if it falls into the wrong hand then you may lose your photos while people keep fiddling with your devices and delete your images.

If you delete your photos from your computer, you can recover those pictures from the recycle bin. What if the photos bypass recycle bin? It happens that the old files get removed from the recycle bin when it is full. So it is better to check for your deleted files in the recycle bin as soon as you delete them. You may also press Shift + Delete keys to bypass recycle bin. If you want to recover those files anyhow then stop writing anything to the memory as the deleted files be overwritten. Use a powerful image recovery tool to recover image files.

Simple cases where your images may get deleted:

You most of the time delete your important images accidentally from your hard drive, memory card, etc. storage drives. Some of the scenarios are briefly given below:

Deleting by chance: You may delete your images accidentally when you are in a hurry from your camera, camcorder, computer, etc. devices and appliances. During that time you can recover those pictures using image recovery software on your computer.

Emptying recycle bin: While trying to restore your images from recycle bin, you may click on Empty recycle bin in a hurry. You lose your photos from the recycle bin permanently. Then you can recover photos from hard disk using an image recovery tool.

Deleted by third party tool: If your image file is corrupted then you need a repair tool. If your photo is severely virus infected then the third party tool may delete your file permanently. You will feel like repairing the file using some other tool but you don’t have a copy of it. In such case, you can use image recovery software.

Features of Deleted Image Recovery Tool:

Passos to recover deleted photos using image recovery tool:                      

Passo 1: Download and install the demo version of an image recovery tool on your computer. Run the software, select Recover Photos option.

Passo 2: Click on Recover Deleted Photos.

Passo 3: Select the drive to be scanned for deleted photos and specify the photo file type then click Next. After scanning, all the particular image files get displayed in two views. Preview the files and save at a desired location on your computer.


  • Keep a backup of your image files.
  • Use efficient anti-virus program to prevent photos from getting corrupted.
  • Do not flutter while operating your storage devices that you may end up clicking wrong buttons and delete your images.

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